The Great American Ridge Re-Run

This run is hilly.. This run is a loop route This run is offroad
City: Coker, AL
Date: Friday October 22, 2021 12:00 pm
Distance: Unlimited
Director: Brandon Kasteler
Course Map:
Entry Fees:

$4 to enter park. No race entry fee.


When: Friday, October 22nd - From 12:00 noon until the last person quits


Where: Lake Lurleen; Coker, Alabama



· Everyone starts at the North Trailhead aid station at noon on Friday, running a counter-clockwise ridge loop

· Run as fast or slow as you want, but you must return to home base by 1 pm to stay in the game. Mark the board to record your lap, eat, talk, relax until . . .

· At 1 pm the goose will squawk, signaling the start of the second loop, this time going clockwise.

· This pattern repeats until the last person decides to quit.



· Don’t cheat

· Have fun



· No entry fee. (The Park asks for 4 bucks to enter, but it’s cheaper to buy the 100 dollar membership for a year and just run there every other day.)

· Aid station will have food and drinks, but you are welcome to bring your own, set up your own tent, etc.

· You can’t fail this race. There are no DNF’s. Everybody DNW’s except the last runner standing.

· Great training exercise or ultras. It’s all about pacing. Plenty of time to eat, hydrate, socialize during the event.

· Unique format allows you to choose your target distance, then sit back and enjoy the journey.


Questions? Call Brandon Kasteler at 205-361-1499