Finish Line Coordinator:

1. Contact the Race Director at least a week prior to race. If race is not a GP race, check with

Race Director as to age divisions so you can change tabulation sheets and board. Ask if they

have any questions.

2. Picks up equipment at Storage Building

(Stan has box prepared) also get Boards for tabulation, mile-markers, finish line cones and


3. If there is a possibility of rain, you will need to take the tent.

4. Make sure clock is charged and enough paper is in clicker

5. Clear out Clicker prior to race

6. Meet with all volunteers the day of race for assignments and have them sign Volunteer Sheet

7. Go to start line with Race Director and announce process for cards at the finish. Sometimes

the Race Director wants us to start the race. You may have to remind the Race Director at

least 10 minutes prior to start to begin bringing runners to start line.

8. Tabulate winners and take pictures of the sheets prior to giving to the Race Director for


9. Put cards in numeric order and wrap timing tap around card (secure with rubber band) and

either give to Jenelle at the race or take to Wagner’s Run Walk for Jenelle to pick up.

10. Load equipment and return to Storage Facility. Make sure you have Mile Markers if you

brought them to this race.

Clicker Operator:

1. Make sure you understand how to operate.

2. Be at the start to begin the race, then program clock to match the clicker.

3. Stand at the beginning of the cones to click as runners cross the line.

4. Continuously check with card handler to see if card number matches with clicker

Card Handler:

1. Make sure you have enough cards for entire race.

2. Fan out cards to make it easier to give to runners as they come across the finish.

3. If it is raining the day of race, place individual cards in snack bags provided in the storage


Table for Cards:

1. Set up table with both male and female baskets.

2. Assist runners with filling out the cards if they aren’t able

3. When cards are turned in, make sure they have completed the card with Name, Age,


4. If Markers present, mark Male cards with yellow highlighter and Female cards with pink


5. If there are two (2) volunteers working the table, have one person watch runners as they cross

the finish line to make sure they don’t walk off with their card.

Tabulation Boards

1. Pick up cards from baskets on table.

2. Put cards in numerical order prior to posting on board.

3. Make sure you have males on Male Board and females on Female Board.

4. Please note: Masters Winners are 40 and above. You can still have a Masters Winner that

is over 50 or 60, if they come in before anyone that is 40.

Grand Masters Winners are over 50.

Great Grand Masters Winners are over 60.

5. Have someone double check the results prior to filling out Tabulation Sheets.

6. When writing names on the Tabulation Sheets, please note their card number by each name

(circled). Also get times from person using the clicker for Overall Winners and write on

Tabulation Sheets.

7. Give the Tabulation Sheets to the Finish Line Coordinator to take a picture and to give to the

Race Director.