While defending the public, one of our seasoned Tuscaloosa Track Club Members, uses running as a de-stressor! Eric Snow, a TTC member for more than 8 years, is the Chief Assistant Public Defender for Tuscaloosa County. Eric has worked as a lawyer in Tuscaloosa County for over 20 years.


 After two (2) years practicing law, he was blessed with his first son, and realized between the stress of the job and wanting to be there for his son throughout his life, Eric took up running. He started out slow by walking on a treadmill. After a while, he wanted more, so by the time his second son came along, he started to run. He knew he was hooked when he was out running one day and realized he had run way longer than he had ever run before, yet he felt different. Eric remembers having friends that were runners that had always described to him the feeling of relaxation you get from a long run, but he never knew what that meant until that day. After that, he was hooked.




Over the years, Eric has traveled to Tennessee and Mississippi for different races, but he remembers most a race in Mobile, Alabama. The race is advertised as the ugliest course in Alabama, and it is true, but the after party was great. Ugly as it was, it remains one of his favorite races. Every time Eric travels, whether it be for vacations or work, he takes his running shoes, and always runs. “It’s the best way to see a new place.” To date, he’s run in 14 different states.




Eric’s two sons, Josh and Cody, think their dad has issues. They don’t run, but they support his running cause, because it helps with stress and makes their dad happier. So, Eric will continue to run for himself and his sons.




Eric says that when he joined the Tuscaloosa Track Club he felt like he had found his extended family. And we added a brother!!!! We are so happy Eric found his way to Running!!!