Our Spotlight shines bright on Sara Kaylor, one of our relatively new runners, but we feel like she’s been with us forever!!!! 

 Sara’s running life began back in 2014, when she joined a training group for the UA Couch-to-5K.  She remembers vividly the days of thinking she would die running 2 minutes straight, but she stuck to it and ran several 5Ks after that.

  In the Fall of 2015, Sara found herself at a tough, emotional and exhausting crossroads that happens so often in life.  Sara realized she had a decision to make: “I could die on my couch eating Cheetos and feeling sorry for myself, OR, I could take a chance, step out on a limb of vulnerability, and do something that seemed impossible to me at the time.”  Sara decided to join the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon Training Group in November 2015, and successfully completed her first half marathon in the Spring of 2016.

 A little bit of personal info: Sara is an Assistant Professor in the Capstone College of Nursing at The University of Alabama.  She teaches primarily in the undergraduate Baccalaureate program.  Sara’s nursing background is Trauma-Surgical Intensive Care.  Sara has two (2) beautiful daughters, Kathryn (8) and Charlotte (2), who are her world, motivation and inspiration. 

 Sara wants everyone to know that the Tuscaloosa Track Club has truly changed her live for all the best, and not a day goes by that she doesn’t feel a sense of gratitude for the amazing people she has met along the way who have challenged her to be the best version of herself.  Sara is vocal about involving her daughters in her running experience, and being a single mom, she wants to expose them to as many strong and healthy role models as possible.

 If you ever meet Sara, you’ll soon see that she is very public about her running journey in both her personal and professional worlds.  She hopes that it might inspire others and convince just one person to “Put Down the Cheetos....Lace Up and Go!”

We are very fortunate to have Sara as a member of the Tuscaloosa Track Club, and we are blessed to have her and her daughters as part of our running family!!!!