TTC Member of the Month Stephen Secor

Stephen Secor runs his own lab, bustling with reptiles, at the University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa. Since 1998, he has published 30 papers on the python. His lab has studied, among other things, how the python’s microbiome changes in response to eating; how its metabolism responds to meat depending on whether it has been ground up like hamburger or cooked in a microwave oven; how it regulates its blood flow after feeding; and how it keeps a rising tide of gastric acid from lapping into its throat.  

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When the lab Rat is a Snake

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TTC Member of the Month Sara Kaylor

Our Spotlight shines bright on Sara Kaylor, one of our relatively new runners, but we feel like she’s been with us forever!!!! 

 Sara’s running life began back in 2014, when she joined a training group for the UA Couch-to-5K.  She remembers vividly the days of thinking she would die running 2 minutes straight, but she stuck to it and ran several 5Ks after that.

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TTC Member of the Month Eric Snow





While defending the public, one of our seasoned Tuscaloosa Track Club Members, uses running as a de-stressor! Eric Snow, a TTC member for more than 8 years, is the Chief Assistant Public Defender for Tuscaloosa County. Eric has worked as a lawyer in Tuscaloosa County for over 20 years.


 After two (2) years practicing law, he was blessed with his first son, and realized between the stress of the job and wanting to be there for his son throughout his life, Eric took up running. He started out slow by walking on a treadmill. After a while, he wanted more, so by the time his second son came along, he started to run. He knew he was hooked when he was out running one day and realized he had run way longer than he had ever run before, yet he felt different. Eric remembers having friends that were runners that had always described to him the feeling of relaxation you get from a long run, but he never knew what that meant until that day. After that, he was hooked.

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TTC New Member of the Month Roy Meeks


Tuscaloosa Track Club loves to spotlight our members.  One of our newest members Roy Meeks is new to TTC, but isn’t new to running.  He started running in 1984 once he decided he wasn’t going to continue to play football after high school.  So, as a student at the University of Alabama he chose running as a health choice.  Roy went against everyone’s suggestion to start small, and made his first race a 50 miler at Oak Mountain Park.  He was hooked after that, and looked for races he could travel to.  His running resume includes over 300 races (he has the bib numbers to prove it), including 5Ks to Ultras.  Roy completed his first Boston Marathon in 1993, which today is one of his favorite race experiences of all time.

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Family Member Spotlight



Tuscaloosa Track Club has a lot of individual members, but we also have a lot of family memberships.  Sometimes you have a husband and wife that actually enjoys running together.  TTC has been lucky enough to have a couple that has been members for many years, and they don’t even reside in Tuscaloosa. 

 I’d like you to meet Allen and Wanda Rowland from Jasper, Alabama.  Allen and Wanda have been married for 45 years.  They met at the University of Alabama in 1969.  Even though they reside in Jasper, they keep a tailgate apartment in Tuscaloosa, which allows them to run in many of our races, as well as volunteer for some too.

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