There are certain people you “run” across in life that you instantly admire and know that they will be a constant and be consistent with who they are as long as you know them.  Tammy Denson is one of those wonderful folks.  She is who she is and you just know you can always

count on her, whether it is showing up for a workout or as director of  one of the largest running events in Tuscaloosa.  Tammy always has a supportive word for the slowest to the swiftest runners at a gathering, probably more so for the slowest of us.  The running community in Tuscaloosa is very fortunate to have Tammy as an avid supporter, resource, role model and

organizer.  It takes a strong person to be the backbone of a community and my friend Tammy is one of the strongest I have ever met.


I asked her to capsulize her running career and give some advice from her vast experience which can help us all train better and enjoy  our running to the utmost.


 Started running competitively at 9 years old, when my father entered me in a citywide track meet in Gadsden, Alabama.


Ran my first Marathon (for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) in April 2004 in Nashville. Since

that time, I’ve completed 13 marathons in Nashville, Connecticut, Missouri, Wisconsin,

Massachusetts, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas, Georgia, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington DC and



Completed 4 half marathons in Tuscaloosa, Gulf Shores, Talladega & Starkville MS. And in

October of this year, will run the Lake Powell Half Marathon in Arizona/Utah.

Completed 3 Ragnar Team Races.

Served as Race Director for numerous 5K and 8K races, as well as the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon.


Proudest Running Accomplishment: Set a PR in my marathon in Eugene, Oregon. Needed a 4:10

to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and I ran a 4:10:51. I guess I should be disappointed that I

missed qualifying by 51 seconds, but I was totally stoked with that time. I did the best I could do

on that day!


Best training tip: Add strength training to your weekly training schedule. It’s so important to equally

train your leg muscles in order to prevent injuries.

Advice for beginners: Join a running club. They become your second family and you form lasting friendships.


Take in all the advice you get from all runners, but find what works best for you.


Tips for fitting workouts into a busy daily schedule: Make your training part of your work day,

whether it’s early in the morning before work, or after you get off. If you form the habit of training

(running and gym work) as a daily routine, you’ll stick to it. I always do all my long runs on the

weekend, EARLY in the morning. I have this quote on my computer - “The person who really wants

to do something, finds a way; The other finds an excuse.”


Thank you Tammy for being all that you are and for how you affect your fellow runners.

Ed Freeman, President Tuscaloosa Track Club