HHS ROTC Meet News

We (Hillcrest High School JROTC) were disappointed that we were not available for the LL 5K on Sat 23 Sep, instead we participated in a Drill Meet at Miss State Univ in Starkville MS.

A Drill meet involves about 60 of our students so it is our #l priority.  This particular meet included 26 schools from 3 States. Good news:  HHS JROTC Physical Training Team (all of the HS TTC runners that you know) are on the PT Team.    Competition consists of as many CORRECT -Army Standards - Push ups as you can do in 2 minutes, as many set ups as you can do in 2 minutes, and a timed 1 mile run.  

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Diary of a First-Time Boston Runner

Saturday April 17th

Arrived at Boston's Logan Airport at 12:30 pm somewhat worse for wear following a pretty bumpy flight and took the shuttle to the Sheraton. Also on the shuttle were several others sporting a variety of new running shoes and athletic apparel. "Obviously you're all here for our marathon," said a distinctly sedentary-looking driver rather nasally."So they really do talk like Cliff Clavern," I thought. The other passengers and I gave him the collective nervous nod and spent the rest of the journey clinging to our seats as this maniac behind the wheel attempted to break the world land speed record through the crowded streets of downtown Boston. Long stints of horn-blowing aimed at lost tourists who threatened his record time were punctuated every so often with waves to fellow bus drivers and colourful comments yelled out of the window. My favourite of these by far was "Get back to Connecticut!"

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The Bay to Breakers 12 Kilometer Run

The San Francisco Bay To Breakers Run is billed as the "biggest footrace in the world", and I would not argue with that. Some 50,000 to 70,000 runners, walkers, fun seekers and exhibitionists participated in the 89th running on May 21, 2000. I was among them. Why? Well, maybe we retired folks just have too much time on our hands. Seriously, San Francisco is a great city to visit anytime and the "run" was something you should do sometime before you are "too old."

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Diary of a Second-Time Boston Runner

Arrived at Boston's Logan International Airport at around 2:50 pm-- the same time as most of the other 18,000 runners for the 2000 marathon as far as I could tell.  Spent a good two hours waiting for the shuttle to get to the Marriott in Cambridge some two miles from downtown Boston.  Wiled away the majority of this time comparing notes with a rather rotund Englishman who had lived in Dallas for the last 17 years and had the most bizarre accent--a combination of John Lennon and George W. Bush with a dash of Elvis I speculated.  "Hope I don't sound anything like that," I worried as I finally boarded the shuttle. 

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Why I Run

We all run for one or more reasons, maybe for weight control (it does help), maybe for physical fitness (it is good for you), maybe the racing and competition (it’s in all of us), it may be for all or any combination of reasons.

My most memorable race to date was the Marion Military Institute 5K (4/13/02). The reason this is memorable to me is not how I placed, not the location, not the course but one runner that made me think about running and putting it into perspective.

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