We (Hillcrest High School JROTC) were disappointed that we were not available for the LL 5K on Sat 23 Sep, instead we participated in a Drill Meet at Miss State Univ in Starkville MS.

A Drill meet involves about 60 of our students so it is our #l priority.  This particular meet included 26 schools from 3 States. Good news:  HHS JROTC Physical Training Team (all of the HS TTC runners that you know) are on the PT Team.    Competition consists of as many CORRECT -Army Standards - Push ups as you can do in 2 minutes, as many set ups as you can do in 2 minutes, and a timed 1 mile run.  

The HHS PT A Team was 1st overall, the B Team was 2d overall, and we also had the top Male and top Female entry.  

In other words we won everything in PT.  


93 Push ups in 2 minutes

96 Set ups in 2 minutes

and a 5:26 mile.

When one of the JROTC students was interviewed as to ability he said two things, practice at school, and running in competition with TTC.  Thanks, TTC.

Col. Bob Glick