Stop Looking for Tomorrow
Set your Sights on Today
As I began 2018, I felt like I was looking through a kaleidoscope. Beautiful colors, but so quickly to change. I saw it every time I cut on the television, or when I talked to a friend that was going through a tragedy, or when my family was hurting. Why was this year so different from others???
We all know that it's expected to make a New Year's Resolution, to make a difference in your life, and you have to say it out loud - make a statement! I was never one for Resolutions, I said if I want to make a change, I should do it immediately, and I've stuck to that. Now, does that mean I've stuck to every change I've made, absolutely not! But, it doesn't stop me from making the next one. Sort of the same thing if you are members of a gym. You know it will be jam packed in January, then by the end of February, it's back to the norm. We all do it.
This year, I've looked at my life differently. Two close friends of mine have experienced life-changing medical issues in their lives. No choice that they made or caused, but it happened just the same. So, in sharing this with you, I hope it causes you to look at each day differently.
I have a co-worker, who is a wife and mother of a 7- year old little girl. Diagnosed with breast cancer in October. Nothing she caused, nothing she expected, but very real. Very real to not only her, but her family and friends. She is going to beat this, and is currently doing that as I write this article. But, you look at each day differently, because you aren't promised tomorrow - only today.
I have a dear friend, a part of my running family, a part of yours. Only 3 months ago he ran the original marathon in Athens, Greece then had heart surgery (5 bypasses) two months later. Nothing he caused, nothing he expected, but very real. Now, as expected, he left the hospital walking, and hasn't stopped. Once he gets the green light from the doctor, I know we'll see him out and running.
I tell you this because if you want to make a change in your life, don't wait until tomorrow, next week, or next year. If you want to run a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon, start training today. If you want to change your diet, start a new exercise plan, do it now.
You are going to have stumbles, delays, illness, injuries, family responsibilities, but that doesn't have to mean you stop your plan. Life Happens! So pick it up where you left off, and continue on!!!! Persevere!!!
The other change I, myself, will be doing, is Kindness. One of my Christmas purchases for my granddaughter (and I liked it so much, I got one for myself) was a shirt that said "In A World Where You Can Be Anything. Be Kind!"   In a world where every time you turn on the television or listen to the News, there are tragedies, hatred, and death, you want to think if we all practiced Kindness, we would see less of that.
We do live in world where we can achieve all we want if we just work hard, commit ourselves, and follow through. So, why not work hard for Kindness?
As we begin 2018, make that change you dream of. Don't wait until tomorrow to set that goal, to hug your family, to get that checkup, and to be Kind!
"At the end of each day before you close your eyes, be content with what you've done, be grateful for what you have, and be proud of who you are!!"
Keep Running!!!!!

Tammy Denson
President, Tuscaloosa Track Club

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