One early morning, when I set off on a 12 mile run, I pondered on possible topics for my next article. When I looked down I noticed a padlock on the side of the road. This got me thinking on the many items you come across as you run. Well, you know the saying, Another Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure. In looking back, there are a few items that you see a lot, such as nuts and bolts, locks, rope, the bungee cords with the hooks on each end, sunglasses with one lense, a comb, and those little silver tabs that come out of electrical boxes (which really throw you off, because I always think they are quarters!). There are a few items that make you go “What????” such as a half eaten chicken bone (and I see quite a few of these).

My question - Is someone just walking down the road eating one chicken wing and when they finish, they just drop it???? Or driving in a car (hopefully the passenger) eating away on a chicken wing, and just throws it out the window when they finish? I always see just one wing, so where are the others???? No one eats just one! Another item I usually question... a spoon. Really? And then there is the one sock, or the one shoe. Why just one? There is never a pair of anything. The creepy things you see.... an arm from a Barbie doll - that’s right, just an arm. Or a condom (not in the pack). Ahhh, how do you explain that on the side of the road? I used to see a lot of cassette tapes with the tape coming out all mangled, or broken CDs, but you just don’t see as many of these anymore for obvious reasons. I remember running past the baseball stadium at the University of Alabama, prior to the renovation, and finding two baseballs. Of course I picked them up and ran the rest of my miles wishing I could juggle. I have also found a softball and a few golf balls. And yes, I always keep these. Now, the most important item you can find out on your run.....MONEY! I consider myself a paid athlete when I come upon the little bit of change. When it really gets exciting if you actually find a dollar bill or five or ten. Then there is that time that you may be running 13 miles and find 13 cents on your run - Ooooo. That has happened to me more than once. I have a piggy bank at home that when I come in from each run, all the money goes to the Pig. It is very close to being completely full. I’ll let you know if I’m a millionaire or simple a hundredaire! So, my running friends...the next time you go out for a run, look for those Road Treasures! It does help pass the time. Happy Running! Tammy


Tammy Denson

President, Tuscaloosa Track Club This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.