President's Message




The More We Lift Each Other Up,

The More We All Win

As we close out 2018, I would like to challenge each of you going into 2019, to encourage just one person. At the first of the year, we all make resolutions, to better ourselves. The gyms are full of people going to make their bodies better, the produce shelves are bare from everyone choosing vegetables over french fries, the ipods are full of workout/running music to help us through that first month! But, just maybe, our lives will be better from encouraging someone else to reach their goals. Now, I’m not saying ditch your goals and just focus on encouraging others, because sometimes by doing what we do, we encourage others. I’m saying, make an extra effort to help someone. I am so proud to be a part of the Tuscaloosa Track Club, because we are a club of inspiring people. I’ve always said runners are the nicest people. When you go to races in another city, state or country, everyone encourages each other. They cheer for other runners doing the same thing they are doing. That doesn’t happen much in today’s world. Like Santa, we’re checking our list twice for those members getting their Grand Prix points for 2018. Our Grand Prix Banquet will be January 24, 2019, at The Levee.

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