This site is to help runners in West Alabama become more familiar with the race courses that are in the area. Or maybe it's a site to just find a new route to run ­ I don't know. I've included races that are no longer actually being held (maybe someone would want to set up a new race on a previously-enjoyed certified course?). All maps are in pdf format.

If you find anything that's not working, out of date, just plain wrong, or if you want me to add a race that's not on the list, email me here. And, of course, this site is always "under construction".


Course Certification Maps
Dogwood Festival 5K AL05011JD Course Map
Cystic Fibrosis 5K AL98011JD Course Map
Save the Face Race 5K AL98011JD Course Map
Peach Festival 5K None Course Map
Fireman's 15K AL00019JD Course Map,Course Map #2
University Orthopedic Clinic 5K AL97023JD Course Map
University Orthopedic Clinic Half Marathon AL97024JD Course Map
COTR Jingle Bell 5K AL00015JD Course Map
Run for Wendy Half Marathon AL00022JD Course Map
Mule Day's 5K None Course Map
  AL00013JD Course Map
Sucarnochee Festival 5K AL05012JD Course Map
Doctor Day 10K AL00011JD Course Map
Humane Society Canine Classic 5K AL04006JD Course Map, Simplified Map, Topo Map
Kentuck Run 5K AL00011JD Course Map
Kentuck One Mile AL01019JD Course Map
DCH Fund Run 5K AL00002JD Course Map
DCH Jingle Bell Run 5K AL00002JD Course Map
WCAWA Rabbit Run 5K AL04006JD Course Map, Simplified Map, Topo Map
Roger Pritchett Wildcat 5-Miler None Course Map, Topo Map
Tuscaloosa's Toughest 10K AL04018JD Course Map, Split Points, Topo Map
Rambling Rose Charity 5K None Course Map, Official Website
GVI Spring Fling & BBQ Thing 5K AL05007JD, Alternate: AL05014JD Course Map, Alternate Course Map
Hillcrest High School JROTC 5K AL01002JD Course Map
Int'l City Fest & Weindorf 5K AL02003JD Course Map
Int'l City Fest Half Marathon AL95005JD Course Map
June Jog 5K AL01014JD Course Map
Lilly leatherwood 5K AL99003RH Course Map
Mayors Cup 5K   Course Map
Rickey Harrison Memorial 10K AL03031JD Course Map, Split Points
Run for Kid's Sake 5K AL00012JD Course Map
Run for the Roses 5K None Course Map, 2005 Course Map
Sprinting 2 Technology 2 Mile AL05010 Course Map
Sugar Chase 5K AL02003JD Course Map
T-N-T 10K AL04016JD Course Map, Simplified Map
Turkey Trot 5K(TTC membership drive) None Course Map
Tuscaloosa Symphony 5K None Course Map
Tuscaloosa Toyota Valentine 8K AL98025JD Course Map